Large Format Tiles

Large Format go by many names, commonly called Panel Tiles or Slabs tiles. Each brand has their own definition, but they are generally tiles that are larger than traditional standard size.

Large Format tiles are generally around 2400x800mm and can go as large as 3200x1600mm. While being quite large they are also nominally thinner than traditional tile, starting at around 6.5mm and being as thin as 3mm.

Large Format tiles can add a sense of grandeur to any space.

Being larger means reduced grout lines, ideal for wet areas and bathrooms to minimise cleaning.

Large format tiles are suited to any place where regular tiles can be used, including:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen Splasbacks
  • Flooring
  • Outdoor cladding
  • Pool areas


Large Format tiles are well suited to kitchen areas, being used both in flooring, Kitchen Spashabacks and around island benches.

With Large Format tiles many splashbacks can be covered by a single tile. Therefore reducing visual clutter and emphasising the pattern that runs through the tile. Less grout also means easier cleaning, quite beneficial in the kitchen.

A popular design choice in the kitchen is to install matching tiles on the Splashback and around a kitchen island.

Installation Experience

If you are looking for the best, Large Format will be the answer.

With tiles getting up around 5m2 per panel they require expert planning and specialised tools to be installed successfully. Experience is key when working with these tiles and this is what Murray and his team will bring to your project.

Large Format tiles are specialised, and require specialised tools and skills to be installed.

  • We have years of experience installing Large Format/Slab tiles in houses and businesses around Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
  • We are the recommended specialised installer for several for tile shops in and around this area for large format tiles.
  • We have specialised cutting and lifting equipment specific to installing Large Format tiles.


A sample of the many projects we have completed. Give us a call if you would like to discuss a specific one, or would like to see more of what we can do.